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Lest He Be Angry And We Perish

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

       -Je suis (I Am, We are) Jesus Christ, since December 17, 2014, when Cuba and the United States announced the normalization of relations and U.S. travel restrictions were lifted, many thought conditions for Cubans – including Christians – would quickly improve. However, according to a VOM worker who recently traveled to the country, conditions have remained the same or worsened for everyone but a select few.
    -“It’s getting worse for the church,” the VOM worker said. “Little has changed for the normal population. A lot has changed for the government and for the business owners.”On this recent visit, the VOM worker noted again the beautiful landscape, the iconic old cars and the colorful historic hotels. However, a closer look revealed cracked, crumbling buildings and oppressed people.
     -Many Cubans, even Christians, will tell you “Everything is fine” when you ask how their lives are since the country opened its doors. However, this can be misleading. Everyone is afraid of communist informants who live among them. Even pastors know they are within their congregations.
“Culturally, you’re not going to trust anyone,” the VOM worker said. “You don’t know who they’re going to report to.” see more here,

     The sacrifice of the wicked, are an abomination to God, Pro. 21:27, see Cain

     The Sacrifice of God are a broken heart, a broken a contrite heart, O God, thou will not despise, Psalm 51, see Abel  

     God With His Back To It All, (1986), Call Off The 2016 Elections, Remember, Return and Repent! (see Joel 2).

Cancel Election 2016,                                               

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     -Seem to have my unbelieving children to for a change forewarn me, how bad the last of this month, June, to the first of next month, July, 06/24/2016, see (2016-2017), (Holy Spirit forewarn something similar, 1998 (see Jer. 37:8, 1998), said lots of people would die, because of it.   
    -Seen to be seeing families fragmented, and their children falling into the care of strangers, 07/16/2016
     -Seen to be seeing the entire country living on one plantation, and soon evacuated into a closed Mexican border, 07/16/2016, see the slow motion exodus, 2001-2017, 


     -For we acknowledge our transgressions and our sins are ever before thee, against thee, thee only God/Father, have we sinned and done this evil in thy sight, that you might be justified when you speak and be clear when you judge. Behold we were shaped in iniquity and in sin did our mother conceive us. See Psalm 51,

     The Prophecies Of The Leopard Skin Coat, as revealed By Apostle’s Parable Of The Toilet, and married book characters, Tiffany Ann (Maaseiah Adonai), and Nicholas Edin Coogan,

Beast Of Beauty

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 2012

       And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring,  Starring:  Nicholas Edin Coogan , Tiffany Ann Saurus,  (Maaseiah Adonai),  The Tribe, Christian Cros Artelon , Spirit River Artelon, and a host of others.  

The African Juttah ...  Beast Of Beauty 2020

     And unto Nicholas Edin Coogan and Tiffany Ann Saurus Coogan was born their twin sons, Agurus (Aggie) Heus Coogan and Heus Agurus Coogan and a daughter a years later, B. Karsiann Coogan

                                ...Now Is The End Come Upon Thee... 

                                                    Scene I

     "That's just it Nicholas, what is building a wall when your greatest enemy strike at you from above, as forewarn lately, or from beneath the earth? Like I saw, like you saw? As this stunning father for years paused with concern into this odd reveal with syrup in hand, there was waffles and all the sides for breakfast, its lovely aroma still in the air and all in family around the table was there, their morning of anniversary. "The victorious Nicholas, bringer of death I saw." So apparent, such was the change, mom and dad at the table discussing spiritual things, but much had changed since their father's coma, and brush with death, and of course there were things, phenomena things he saw, and heard.  "Just as the prophet Ezekiel witness God summon those six slayers from the higher gate north, who were to show no mercy except upon those most compassionate marked by the ink-horn man. It is said Nicholas a type of Christ, in those days, well this death rider, well what was so odd, the earth just seem to open up, that's welcome him, right out of it, and as I said, there was nothing that the NWO's, to The Pope, Obama, Trump or Hillary's could do. There was also an involvement of Christ's Cross present there, but it was shown to be helpless, as unrepentant sin prevented Him. Unrepentant sin? People dad not being sorry at all for the evil they do, convinced regardless of even abominations God will yet accept them because He love them. Only never since the days of Adam's fall, has Elohim taken this attitude toward any sin, not any, ah sorry you guys for the interruption, no, no, that Heus was a stunning explanation, yeah brother Heus, stunning.  I Tiffany heard the strangest voice, words last night, "I have a bear in 120 counties, __that's counties Nicholas or countries? Either or I guess, I don't  __well it doesn't matter, they only have one world economy, ah, Cheyenne seem to think it's making reference to a bear market, __a bear. I Nicholas saw something similar years ago, this bear, beast was chomping up and tearing through people as they sat their porches, no peace and safety, remember? As in a bear market Nicholas, as in stock market, like this major crash, sell off, I even saw one (2014), as well, this vicious beast stomping and chomping its way from the pulpits into the pews, which were vacant of the millions once greatly deceived there. Possibly meaning the prophetic end time falling away, another marker we're living in the end of nation building. He, His Tiffany being the same as he was in beginning, destroying the greatest of nations, men, as you say He always will, how could they've ever thought to beat him, ever? Strong delusions, even in Revelations, it explain how God will cause them, that's rebellious leaders to handover their kingdoms, or give in, as in join the Antichrist, happening right now,  as I saw its two beast rise, (Antichrist, false prophet, Rev. 13, 2008), just as Obama, just imagine__and you're saying America as well? No," as one grabbing her unfinished plate from the table, the first, did they pause contemplating as their dad what their so gifted mother would say. "No, I'm not saying that, America, the western world would've ceased to exist by then, (2001-2017), which is why Nicholas honey I asked, was that word, counties or countries? You see the word I heard of it (2004), was that it's founding fathers, that's beside Ancient Rome, Britain and America, was commanded to be separated into itty, bitty pieces, now you all can go, I'll get this, you sure? Yes, I'm sure, well happy anniversary, you too dad, __I'm in no hurry, will stay listen if that's ok? Well, even Canada was commanded to be wiped from the map, let me see, it went something like, "smiling faces don't last, (see Religious/Political elections), "wipe Canada from the map." So you two, don't be deceived, __we decided to stay as well, having late classes" seeing a beautiful son Agurus and daughter B. Karisann return, take their seats, prepared to listen, only to help her clear the dishes. "Yeah more and more students mom, knowing our belief, are asking questions, it's getting scary even to them, as well as their parents, teachers. Well as I said, don't be deceived, Trump or Clinton, this is not America's last stand, but her last opportunity to repent. America once like a John the Baptist, allowance was to bring the world to Jesus Christ, not boundless riches, this ancient stumbling block of iniquity. So now more this Antichrist, even mightily in it's churches, unless it resounds to it's cataclysmic decline, that's God Kingdom Reign, like it was always meant too do, all world nations. Truthfully, not only are they looking at a great lost of life in the millions, but souls, so we're not just talking its end, but it's damnation as of unrepentance. Now I'm telling my lovely children, don't let it prevent you, but there are none willing to hear it, except by one catastrophe after another, that I also saw. One was so cataclysmic unthinkably it was followed with a pale horse judgment, now raise your hands if you know what rider followed with him? As I said, all are beginning to see, admittedly or not, hence all the questions, this will explain why after they showed me the end of all nation building. Even like they did with King Nebuchadnezzar, nearly 3000 years passed, I was told not to fret, because Elohim by His Prophecies and Promises is in control of all of it, trust, delight and commit, that's psalm 37.  So we're just sitting ducks here? No, we, the born again Nicholas are suddenly caught, snatched away, out.  I've seen it right into the Bride's Heaven bound assignment, to intercede for and lament the tribulation saints greatest sorrows ever or ever to come, now how scariest as hell is that?  And you dearest of husband, again like Daniel's Israel, Babylon, you witness the stone cut out without hands come out of prediction, (02/14/2015), that's Jesus's Millennium Reign, the One I witness follow the Obama administration. So, what do we say Mother when so many who've heard you, who follow you, even covertly ask, who are you? I'm called Heus darling you know that, but you are more, like Him, Jesus was more, I talked to Spirit River lately, can I tell you what the Juttah Tribe think? I'm sorry son, the Juttah Tribe, he's taking Nicholas, Sioux and his brothers, that since Desrek incident, that's what they now call them, __ah I see. Sure Aggie honey, why not, well he said, really they asked, is it impossible to realize, that as the Bridegroom, Jesus, was manifested in the flesh to dwell among us, why not Her, the Bride, after Him? Her coming from Him, and He, from Her, as surely mother as Elohim lamented to a thought victorious Lucifer, I will put enmity between thee and the woman, Mother of us all, (Eve).  I mean have you mother even considered that, even the way Holy Spirits treat you and all? And my Children I never could, I've walked too humbly before Them, condemn flesh and all, tempted at all points, all, even having a damning infirmity, so horrid at times, so how I  ask could I believe such a thing? Now go, you have your studies, we didn't mother mean to offend, or commit sacrilege, and my darling children you didn't, it's that your father and I have an anniversary to get to, __ah,well, don't you guys do anything we wouldn't do,  __and you all have a blessed day as well. So what did it, this Spirit River mean? And all this Tiffany, this scary and all so miraculous truth, is that why you called for the cancellation of 2016 elections, talk about scary as hell.  It's just that Nicholas we're suppose to be building repentant alters to God, tearing down this strong hold of Satan and throwing in our apostate lives, lands and churches, and I do mean all that is not like Jesus Christ, it is the only sacrifice, God will at this time, or at any time accept. I tell you, anything else, especially these damn elections, are all abominable ways of rebelling against Him, at least that's how He sees it, that the mast majority of it all, is now more and more Antichrist and thus a complete detriment to humanity, He just can't stand for it!  Now we Mr. Coogan have a trip to make, a flight, __I think we should drive, we can make up for lost time, and be so exhausted when we arrive, we're to do nothing but fall into miraculous cuddling and from there, my stunning, beautiful wife, let nature take it's course. And just how long have you Mr Coogan been planning this? I fear to say, even to admit," as one so close as to be heighten in private places, her edible breath on his tempting lips, at the lay of his forward to hers. "Though since the day I first laid eyes on Tiffany Ann Saurus, now leave the rest of this for Lindy, and lets get on the way, now what does her wisest one say, I, that she can't wait.  

                             ...And I Will Send Mine Anger Upon Thee...

                                                         Scene II

      -No, your mom Heus called for the cancellation of elections, what make her think she can do that? Well he does have a call upon her life, like a world leader, like a Moses, and just imagine the world is like a mystery Egypt, and world leaders, these rebellious Pharaohs, and what she's to lead an exodus? Yeah but one more heaven bound, one even called the rapture, but only by description. You see, Jesus promise to snatch the anointed out as they are found worthy by His Blood to escape, something that's been demonstrated upon her, my mom all her adult life. Ok, ok, genius boy, coming from you I guess it make sense, so you're saying this was always God's plan, then there's her name, ah what they call her? Ah Maaseiah, isn't at like sacrilege or __it's her birth name, an apostate priest around Ezekiel day or the early prophets bore the same. My mom changed her name as I've contemplated as soon as she turn 21, to Tiffany Ann, but was born Maaseiah Adonai, meaning made of God, Jehovah God. I can't Creighton man say always this was Elohim's plan, because that would make Him a saboteur from the beginning, and thus untrustworthy. Though if the first Adam fall and the last Adam is crucified, then Romes introduction to western civilization and man's faulty reign, though temporary, was the only thing to be had of it. That's until a holy remnant, like right now, is come out, meaning none of it was ever a blessing outside of Christ's Cross, having Satan, not Jesus as head. But a trial, right? He speaks, ah my God he actually speaks! Come on Cry man, __and yet again, I never thought of it that way Belle man, but yes, this has all been one long lasting trial for man, one especially gone viral, more so after Christ's own temptation and trial, now this ultimate Jihad. So Heus, the parents anniversary, where did you all send them? Just say I heard you planning, ah, a retreat, outdoor living, Colorado, they should be arriving right about now. Your mom Heus does know it won't happen, this literal cancellation, no Clay, only it's been happening per her prophecies, since Christmas night 2001, a cataclysmic end for 190 years of it, of not just America, but the entire western world philosophy. So much so, she witness Americans as this slow motion exodus, and Christ millennium follow Obama's administration, so Elohim isn't asking, it's right now, repent or perish! So how is that, I mean, well how is that possible, I mean behind the Obama administration, I'm just saying, how is that possible? Only Carrie man as it's complete destruction come in like one hour, and world nations attention passes from there, here, Us soil to the last week of Daniel. That's beginning with an Islamic reign, American's complete demise just issued up, also referred to prophetically as Jacob's, that's Israel's troubles, the worse ever. Though Heus man don't you see, you're talking the sudden death of millions, Us soil alone, I know, all of yall here, I know, OK? She, my mom know, its even why she is appointed Apostle for these last days, ok, just imagine, ­­­__hey you guys," with an additional joining the table, a transit student, new arrival, Brighton, Bright for short and Heus showing some discomfort.  "This is the grown up section man, really, really grown up, if you know what I mean, __look." as to dive right in, truly stunning, even irritating them, this meeting of spiritual to prophetic minds, "I listen to a video recently, where this guy predicted about 16 to 20 million Americans could by something cataclysmic event be killed this year, 2016, don't that verify what Heus here is saying, well, his mom anyway? Ok, who are you again? Look I'm just saying, Heus mom is one of many whose been warning America for years, ah decades even, how tremendously over this for hundreds even thousands of years party is. Still, like the  days of Noah, they refuse to listen, and we know what happen to them, every last one of them, again not protected under that salvation ark, Jesus, I'm just saying. So there's no way Heus man to warn others? Virtually not, and man's history is so incorrigible at repeating itself, it simply won't be, Bright here just repeated what Jesus said of these days 2000 years ago. It's because the righteous serve a mankind who have ears and won't hear, who have eyes and won't see. Truly its as though they're from birth strapped on with truth piercing armor, and as heart breaking as it is, they simply won't be forewarn! Then so many of those who do listen, see, they have a problem with bringing themselves to and into serving Jesus, the most they will do is mass assembly, so it's right back under Satan's authority, Seat. Ok, look your mom know this, so there is no making it for the border, what border Coven man? The only place safe are those oceans along the southern four corners of this entire nation, and still only those that can bear us, that's as Jesus tarry, safe passage to proposed by my mom, three decades now, a New Africa, now who want to trade America for Africa? No insult Belle intended, ah none taken, believe me, so that's your accent? Yes, Kenya, to Ethiopia Africa, that is me, that is Preece Ebonee Bele Kroff, father Bjaminin, mother Niomi, no siblings whatsoever. No, just these two, as one is to say, knuckle heads, Preece Rimmon and Preece Calistus. So what does an African bred and born say about all of this? I, that she, we trust Heus' mom, even before we were all born, even since decades past, he been seeing this exodus. Believe, she is Maaseiah, nothing is happen, nothing minor nor major that's to affect us, she doesn't by various spiritual gifts see it first. Preece Bele is right, no ones give her credit but she saw a Hussein White House Five years prior, while Saddam was being hunted down, all thinking her insane. It is Maaseiah. who heard by visions and dreams a world outcry for a Hussein to reign, that's the how and why.  That it was a fulfillment of Bible prophecy, even giving scripture and verse, the woman is who she say she is, and the entire Heavenly Host verifies it for years now, later you guys, I have a student body meeting.  Who is he again? Bright man, from the Dominican Republic or something, here on educational visa's, I don't know much else, well, isn't the Coogan's mom from there, Heus? Yeah, ah, Jamaica, he's really suspicious, trustworthy or not and know a lot about us, yeah, a whole lot. So Heus, you think Mexico will be any help, or that it'll close it'll borders? I don't think it's to matter, it too will be affected directly or indirectly, I know the whole of the Americas will, it's entire continent, all of western philosophy, almost you guys as though it never happen. Let me get this right, so you're saying if I give this a mention to my parents, even my grands, they're virtually clueless? Yes Erion, after thirty years of forewarning, yes, just try it, its what Russia's Putin said about all of us Americans, what, just last week? It would then seem," with Preece Ebonee now taking this lead, his African friends with him, soon the bell toll them into mid morning classes. "Just as we're admonished to work out our own salvation, now its more along the line of work out your own escape as well, parents or not, because millions will be dead and most in hell before the government can help, that's even if they come to the rescue, even if they're by now still capable. Meaning exactly? Don't be deceived by these peace systems that has brought nothing but holocaust upon holocaust to get what they want, that's evil. So, stop deceiving yourselves, stop deceiving others, that's you guys what it mean, plan your escape, all of us, only Christ you guys this Righteous Head, first, that's it Heus right? Yes, Preece Ebonee, exactly."

                       And Will Judge Your According To Thy Ways
                                             Scene III

     "So when your mom spoke of a Hussein fathering this nation, 2003, she was essentially talking Islam, ah Arabia, even Muhammad, right?" As one pressed into a corner of the hall, not far from him, standing in line, foreign classes, subject transfers. "She says its actually the moment in prophecy where the great whore is shown riding the multiple headed, crown beast, right before he turn and destroy her, that's Bright, right before world nations all turn on America.  So further Heus man explaining seeing the nation after mass cataclysms fall into the hands of Islamic territory, no, not just America," as those speaking under their breath, even a lessen appearing, as not to alarm others, all around, perhaps having itching ears at them, "or Bright, the free world, but eventually the entire planet, none but the repentant exempt from God pouring out of His Wine Press. Just remember John explained seeing a new heaven, a new earth, for the first earth, and heaven had passed away, we 're now Bright man among such the fulfillment. Mother, well, Maaseiah said NEO's like Niribu, how it could be New Jerusalem though having the appearance of a gigantic ELE, like some scientists have seen, how actually it is this new planet earth, heaven, seen descending into the at present desolated planet,of rebellious human kind being chaotically evicted from their places, wow, how amazing is that? So could I like meet her, a guess whose coming to dinner sort of thing? Don't you mean Bright, more like a Judas' kiss sort of thing? Meaning I so don't trust you, __that's good, so you don't trust me, I thought it was me, Ok, I can see that. Hello," as one funnily handing a sorely doubtful Heus his hand, as to make an additional introduction, as so he did. "I am Stardust, Brighton Cunneful, most call me Bright, I am also Desrek Alum, I Am also Soledad Maurice, wha, what are. Their cousin, seventeen years now and counting, so that's how you know so much? Yeah, you can Heus say that, but I've been reading and studying behind Maaseiah, your mother for years myself, having no doubt she is who and what she say. So what time is dinner so I can meet her personally, that is so not happening, what is so not happening? You Seyward Graham man, skipping, get to the end of the line, ok how he know me and I don't know him? He know us all, he's, __I'm cousin to Soledad, Desrek, and I guess cousin since no one else is complaining, I'm staying. What foreign class Syeward are you taking, Swahili, look I heard a minister lately say, he think Spanish will be the heavenly language, you Bright man, heard that, clearly? Yes by one of the most mocked, yet anointed evangelist on this planet, I did, now that is curious, yeah one would think it would be the Jewish Native language, though Spanish is most universal, at least I think it is, hum I guess I'll be taking Spanish as well. I was Syeward asking one of your best of friends here, hey, you know my name, but I don't know yours, that's kinda freaking me out, Sorry, I'm Bright, ah, so, how is it to be around the Coogan's mom? What do you mean, she's a mom, the loving, caring, the cooking, cleaning, the always being there, __the Syeward Graham Maaseiah, I'm talking that one, that mom, Bright want to come to dinner, meet her personally, you mean Heus gawk at her and stuff, no way, we're not having that. Just so you know, your friend here says he doesn't trust me, what you say? No more skipping here, Hudson, Hud Leak, ok, who is this Orpah knowing me? Hud, Hudson, meet Stardust Brighton, yeah, he know us, we know, ah for your info, I wasn't skipping, but giving my bros a heads up, the classes are filling up fast, yeah we see this line, well hold to your numbers, they're good until two hours after classes, and I'm out of here, Mr. Dust, Stardust, but most call me Bright, like in Bright Star, later you guys can't keep the ladies waiting. So is it official, you and Paige Nielson? Ah kinda, that's all I can say, kinda, that is not an answer, so Paige said perhaps she'll marry you? Stop it, keep your voice down, why? Other prospects? I'm not answering that, see you guys in economics, and what about you, Myreah Reign, ok, ok, stop telling my business, I get it, ok, I get it, see you later, you're a tell tale Hud man, take one Heus, that's all I'm gonna say," as one shrinking into the distant away, this is how serious the world, instead of these graduates talking prom dates, they're talking wedding alters and Pre Nups. What have you decided Heus if anything? I could Syeward man ask you the same, especially with Shawn having Justice, yeah like who else is there? Well you have to admit, she is one of the most stunning girls here, with your sister B. Karsiann, taking the reward all over all of them, all, what a stunner, yeah well Bright man, who ask you anything?" What about you Bright Star, you have a promise? Ah, nall, I don't think so," tall, medium skin, like his cousins, quite handsome, wise, spiritual again, like them, looks who drew attention, Ok, you don't know whether you have a promise? My parents think I'm too young, too young Bright to live, but old enough to be ravished by sexual diseases right into a sick bed, and after that judgment and hell? Is that what Maaseiah say? Tell us Bright what you know about the PreNupital, Nupital Dorms, even why they were build? They were build for young, teen marriage worshipers, like ourselves, those who yet worship the Genesis manner of procreation, both it's beginning and it's end, it is Preece Ebonee's New Africa. I'm sorry what? I know he haven't confide such things in you all, those things mighty in his heart and mind, but he know something that is coming. Something that is right now as we breath and speak in the making, and we're no longer Heus, even Syeward Graham talking Nupital dorms, but a continent, and soon a world simply worshiping it, right into it's Septennial, (the faithfully awaiting Bride) and Millennium, (the Bride's Divide forever Glorification). I'm sorry who are you again? Someone who has said too much, I will only say this, remember Desrek's Christmas coma, what he saw, who he spoke with, what things, phenomena things where perhaps revealed and told him? So guess whose Heus, coming for dinner, Heus, Heus man, the bell, ah, nall, I yet don't trust you," as one bedazzled along meticulously swiping under each eye, even those slightly spilled cheeks, hearing things literally bringing him to his knees. "Stay away from me, my family and my friends, ok, just stay the heck away, ok, ok, whatever you say, what did he say, why are you crying? I'll tell you later, but for now, stay away from him, he seem harmless, just know things, I don't know, just let me talk to Desrek Ok, Sole, even more Maaseiah, ok Heus, just don't be so upset at him, I'm Ok, and I'll explain later. Now you did it," as one moving off frustrated, talking, even kicking, that's pulling his foot out of his so anxious mouth, thinking about what Desrek forewarn, what to say, or mention, and he's done it, possibly lost the best in the whole world of friends.  Is that sane, or safe, talking to oneself? Perhaps you should run so you don't get it on you, Maybe I Bright Star want to get it on me, I'm Layla, Layla Miles, and you, well, I overheard you, you are Stardust Brighton, good day Layla, I have my assignments, shouldn't be late, good day Bright, see you later perhaps, sure why not? He is something, and indeed what that is girls, I'm sure I want some of it, I'm just gonna say be careful, Heus and Syeward Graham surely were."        

                       And Recompense Upon Thee All Thine Abominations
                                                     Scene IV
     "Ah my God is Christ Nicholas, I could stay right here, this spot, forever, something I feel Elohim possibly felt about the whole of Eden," as those being bath by scenes this extraordinary, even as those seeming to be inundated by a sky covered over with multi color leaves, with just a slice of the sun sparking through. "Isn't Tiffany such an amazing scene mean we no longer give pause to God, wanting to destroy those who destroy the earth so, so stunning, I mean look at this. So isn't it just like rebellious men, taking this for granted, they do all this evil and make plans to open up their eyes in heaven reigning with Jesus, strong delusions Nicholas, you won't be able to explain it any other way. I tell you, it's the most plain and simple forewarning in the Bible toward those choosing to enjoy sin if only for a moment, totally forfeiting eternity, so, so ridiculous to me. Yet I used to be one of them, that's we Tiffany, we used to be one of them, I was so churched straight through, yet I was so clueless Nicholas when it came to actual Godliness, so tremendously misled by it's famous mass assembling. It's getting so I don't even say, God help us, He Nicholas has helped and healed us, God has healed every human being on this planet by Christ's Cross, Blood, as He promised in the garden of Eden, of the Woman Seed, remember? Uselessly, we trust our well being to medical science, doctors, medical prescriptions, none of which are the Shepherds of death, only God is. Relentlessly, with Jesus being the only good death and dying, meaning regardless of all man induced efforts, men like fish are snared in a net when they lest suspects it. We see this everyday, every second of it, even with hands over our ears, eyes, heads, panic hearts Nicholas buried in the sand, trying not to get it on us, not any. Though as those terrified all the more, because we know regardless it's demanding presence, its always there, always and we have no more control over it than we do anything else on this planet. It remind me of when I witness my grandma, well the last thing she said to him, my dying grandpa was 'you are ascended,' and straightway Nicholas he was gone from here. All pain, sorrows, anguish, all death and dying released him, and he arrived, just as, just, "noting how suddenly overwhelmed by the emotions in her voice, words, with tears filling her eyes, cheeks, "hey, hey,  __no, no," as one sitting and backing into a seat, against the nearest tree, did it seem they'd found the greatest spot in the world, this sweetest retreat. "I need to say this, how grandpa Saurus arrived heir to God's throne instantly, this good and faithful servant, so Nicholas when you laid there, dying daily, like now but more obvious and, well, I, I was left so uncertain. I didn't know if I was strong enough in faith to do what Grandma Saige did. That's release you, or whether you was strong enough in your faith to arrive there, as my granddad Early had, thus stranding us both, at these impossible cross roads. I saw her Nicholas, I witness as she anoint him, oil his forehead, over and over, the song, it's lyrics, we are standing on holy ground was playing, angels all sound. So amazing, because it was something granny said happen to her, waking with Angels all around her bedroom, until no place was left, about two months before they realized how sick grandpa was, even that he was sick. Then the strangest thing even more, she wasn't anointing him into ascension but she was yet petitioning God for his healing, she still Nicholas had not let him go, how heartbreaking is that? When suddenly she said, did what she did, with the last stroke of oil, saying you are ascended, releasing him from all his earthbound responsibilities here, including herself. Wow Tiffany honey, what an astonishing, yet scary testimony, yeah, what's scary about ascending to heaven, right? Death and dying is, the spirit being willing, but the flesh is weak, like Jesus the night of Gethsemane, the Lord is our shepherd, I shall not fear. Meaning Nicholas, I, or we will fear only as we take our eyes, our heart and my trust off of Him, out of our One, Good Shepherd, Jesus. Hey, look, we better go," soon noting the others, about a number of twenty and they were all as those bringing down their tents, making ready to get away from here. "They'll leave without us and I really been looking forward to this hike, yeah, me too, its so stunning here, the clouds, the mountains, the sun, how they merge phenomenally as one. Then this life altering  breeze moving silently through the plenti-color trees, even this perfectly designed waterfall, so Nicholas beyond awesome. How did the kids know this retreat would be so perfect, so exactly Tiffany what we need? I like to think Nicholas because they see us as having everything, so with nature being free and priceless, truly its Nicholas the next best thing to being there. So phenomena until I can hardly bear it, its why your grandmother ascended your grandfather, it was the only thing missing in his life, even Tiffany their lives, having all things Christ. Hallelujah Nicholas, hallelujah, flesh and blood didn't reveal that, it is the only thing missing, for all those believing, living accordingly, ascension. It's Holy Spirit's blessed assurance lately, how Nicholas Jesus is coming, how Jesus is on the way, just you remember, Jesus been coming for two thousand years now. Only, now, right now, He's on His way here, meaning be packed, ready, looking out the window, standing at the door, miraculously, He's about to pull up. So sweetest of heart beyond amazing, as so is this place, meaning going home Nicholas is gonna be impossible, so look darling wife to ascension, to hearing this Lord of Lord say, enter into my bosom, my good and faithful servant, ok, ok, just who are you again?

Ezekiel 7:4

                                    And mine eye shall not spare thee, 
                                                           Scene V

     -"Ok, ok I see, but the only thing that concern me, is with all these many protest, themselves becoming all the more these distractions, trying to get back at mankind's forever enemy, you're learning how to live with insead of dealing with mankind greatest thievery, you see, lets say half of this world is ruled by him, Satan and you, you have an immortal life to get yourselves to, and hi sis why he, stays in the way, and I do mean stay there, spiritually, religiously, socially, mentally. and by social media, he has a million ways to get to you, so how will any manner of protest, defeat him. Then God, He only listens to the heart of Jesus that is by his shed blood suppose to be inside you, this holy temple, so how do you get the heart of Jesus inside you, you ask Him, Jesus to come into you and replaced the corrupt heart you was designed by your mother's womb, then momentarily you begin to take on Jesus' characteristics, Satan is instantly defeated, self and self seeking, now you are one which know and comprehend satan clearly, even demons, and the rebellious man who worship them, then are you no longer deceived, you're now a daily blessed work of Holy Spirits. In me you might have peace, Jesus told the disciples, in the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good, cheer, as to say, don't fret, I have overcome the world.  This mean the more we grow in our faith of Christ, the more this world ceases to plague us with it temporary measures, it is defeated, even it's greatest deceiver, Satan, and the fallen angels, and demons, he marshell, the more you put on Christ Jesus, the limit their attacks against you and the more you fill up with nknowing and speaking his words, man will hate you, bu only to avoid you as well, the truth that to be seeping right out of you, it will at times feel as though you're alone, but now, the entire heavenly host of thousands upon thousands have all been assigned to you, to us, one or another, according to Christ Cross, choosing now to do all our suffering and dying in Him unto death and ascension, made us his, their royal priesthood. Like the American Dream, taking a curse and a god's allowance only made it an extraordinary curse, impossible, to persuade people of it's original corrupt self, wake up. This is what scripture, mean when it describes a wolf, which is in sheep clothing, meaning it, the beast has persuaded people it's something that it's not, like a light that is actually dark, dark as in wickedness, evil, even that which is delusional. No! Hell NO! This is not a joke, yes I have a gun aimed at my head, it's loaded and I will pull this rigger,  ___please, please everybody, he is not threatening you, please be calm, ok!" With some thinking it was a joke, even a simulation of some sort, truly this couldn't be really happening, they all like Dresrek Allum lately, this threaten, "Nor is he threatening me, he is only threatening himself, please, please be calm. "You my friend, you pull that trigger, please people, please be calm, yes, you pulled that trigger, you splatter your blood and guts all over us. With your house gone, you send your temporal flesh back to the worms and dirt, your spirit returns back to God who gave it, and your soul, your actuality, reality all intact it, meaning man you linger in, right now, until a thousand years doing Christ millennium, and after that the great hite throne judgement, whereas you'r tossed into a lake with burns with fire, forever, and that is all written here," as a clever one raising a bible into plain sight, were those involved, yet showing themselves most terrified, this fright, "and you Mr. Righteous, you believe all of that? I believe it and by the Cross, the holy spirit I live it, you don't recognize me do you?" As a mad man yet having a loaded pistil to his head, one that could easily discharge, blowing his brains right out. You see I was one of them, one of the gang that, that, as on showing himself emotional along stammering word, but was clear what he was trying to say, he was involved in the vicious rape against Collin Hain. Well friend as I said, I've forgiven all of that, even forgotten, so I couldn't recognize you if I tried, all I see is one pending to be a friend, a friend, with a loaded weapon at you? How many here believe I look like a friend, how many believe what this fool is teaching, even his wife, no matter how stunning she is? Come on, come on, it's not like I'm shoot you, these bullets are only for me. how many of you believe Mr Righteous? You see, only a few actually believe in you, in that so called bible of yours, truth, OK, those whose hands are raised, can get out of here, like now, really fast before I change my mind. So preacher boy all is forgiven you say, like that Jesus person I guess, what if I shoot you instead? You won't, you just said those bullets are for you, Jesus, whatever your name is want you to die, he evven designed a death, most blessed just for you, only not as or while you're committing a crimes and trangressions against him, there's nothing He can do for you then.  Remember those two thieves dying on either said of Jesus, only one was blessed to arrive God's paradise just as Jesus, the only one didn't simply because, he didn't believe Jesus. It's Christopher Michael, my name, well, will you Christopher Michael put that killing tool away, killing tool you say? Yes, that what it is, that's what it meant to do, right? Please put it away from us, but especially away from yourself, what does matter if I kill myself? You kill us like that blessed thief we ascend to Jesus, you kill yourself, one day you wake up in hell, only our all out purpose Christopher Michael. I love that name by the way, don't know what my mom was thinking, still it is that you serve God with every ounce of your blood and die His Heir.  Now please, put it away, you wouldn't be here and we wouldn't be having this conversation if you wanted to die like this, separated from Christ. Everybody, calm, calm, that's just the police making sure we're safe, come on Chris, just lay it down, and I'll the police in, you're spend a few nights in lockup and find me, us once you're released, how does that sound? No! Terrifyingly placing the gun again to his head, spinning them into screaming panic all around, as one not wanting to backed out as though he's sacred, especially with so many looking at him. Please Chris, we all hear your cries for help, don't do this, don't do this to you, to your loved ones and friends, don't do it to Christ, it's like spitting on His Cross, the One He suffered to create and show you the way out of all of this, it's him, it's putting on Jesus, His Spirit, becoming this holy temple now destined for heaven for all time. Ok, ok, I can't hear no more," with the weapon dangling like so, as one throwing up his hands up, thinking he'd not actually threaten anyone, but still, this was bad. "Whose in charge here? Me, ah, Collin Hain, I would like to say, none of us where actually threaten, perhaps so, but wielding a loaded gun in a public place is a felony, even aggravated assault, just know, he only threaten himself, well if you Mr. Hain would like to come down and make a statement, that's for any of you here, thanks officer, may I ask how old are you? Ah twenty-one, this is my wife, ah Andre, and what kind of class is this? Not so much a class but a meeting, ah we where discussing, ah biblical things, ah I see, and he pulled a gun? Well he put a gun to his head, threaten to pull the trigger, and you talked him out of it? Yes I figure that's why he did it here, so someone would, could, ah talk him out of it, hum, I guess so, well give us a few more minutes here and we're out of your way.  So did you, did you recognize him? I did, I Andre recognized him instantly, but not like that, I was glad to see him here, meaning he was looking to be helped, right? One less suicide, even murder suicide to read about in the papers tomorrow, huh? Yes," as enduring a delicate smooch of his to her lovely, perfume temple, were they as they all were making ready for departing, giving their names, showing their ID's. I just hope they're not that hard on him, that dearest husband is what righteous prayer is for.  Now what's for dinner? Our favorite restaurant is close by, I never thought Andre you would ask, why is it so hard to persuade people against suicide, even murder suicide? I don't think honey it's because it's victims is to actually use it to make a final statement, but to finally stop the nightmarish pain, the agony and anguish, Jesus knew this, it's why on the cross Hain laid even the chastisement of our peace, it's why He instructed us, to bring it all this world's troubles to Him, mankind's Ultimate Endurance, we turn instead to man where all is vanity, all sown to mountainous, deadly additions, the ending of human life being one of them. We have our own problems, those learning set our treasures in heaven, has taught us to rest them all past, present, and future our faith in Jesus. So you're saying people will do this despite the bible assurance light, revelation has com? And admonishing them Hain to take His easy Yoke instead upon the, so yes, just like sin, some people just don't won't Jesus solving anything for them. They even feel foolish looking to Him, so rejecting Him becomes a form of prestigious freedom, if that make sense, only Andre it can't make sense, especially suicide, don't you Hain it's just of the many consequences suffered rejecting Christ. I was born blind, and without Christ, I still am, blind, veils of illusions, darken mirrors, philosophies quite twilight, all the perilous paths of stumbling, of keeping them from him, Jesus, That remind me, shouldn't we pray with him, before he leave, no time is promised, the rapture could happen, excuse me officer, may we pray with him, he's disarmed, not a threat, please, so we can rest tonight, Ok, Ok, but make it quick, discreet, I don't need to hear it, if you know what I mean, ah not the prayer, but a fussing captain, so yeah go, do your thang, " awake, be aware, as God Himself, Apb, The RAM.

             But I Will Recompense Thy Ways Upon Thee...
                                              Scene VI

      Well Just think Heus, after world nations sit back and allowed the slaughter of 10 million human beings, how would they ever again find or have any legitimacy. They don't, they didn't, they've build the pretend world upon the worse blood holocaust ever, and call it  not only  America but the free world, as in free from realizing the horrible guilt of blood they rooted all that they treasure in, especially their offspring, unto unlimited forms of reaping, all thinking, well really, pretending, God doesn't see them . Wouldn't that my brother Agurus be like saying God allowed the Jewish holocaust as proof how truly beyond black, hollow and evil the heart of unrepentant man, and that Heus continuously, which is why Mother calls them holocaust maker's. If they can past from that sort of human slaughter, and suffering, and again, is all, well lets just say it, as to justify their blood guiltless authenticates their viral rebellion against Him. So this world never could have been anything other than the curse that the first transgression of disobedience made if it, and eventually Christ's Cross, which why John teach there's one of two gods worshipped here, not to be fooled, the god of this world, this very,from the beginning, and in, by the womb, institution of sin, which from the start Jesus taught we had to be born again, under no circumstances could distain hearts enter in and not so secondary, but loving mankind first and always, even from the foundation of this world, is dying to self to  worship the God of heaven. I'm sorry, how did we get on such a morbid subject? Morbid Nicholas Edin Coogan ,, as one hastily getting her dishes up and away, the sink for washes, is the world without Jesus Christ, which explain, how additional Elohim calls on his people to be set free of it by the most furious and ferocious of end time outreach bearing nothing but truth, even the washing if the feet of it, all of you, ever. Surely mother you're once more telling us something extraordinary without telling us, something extraordinary. That's my lovies," meaning Husband Nicholas, sons , Agurus and Heus, a daughter, B. Karsiann and she lingering not far away, house maid, Lindy, having itching ears as always, and like them, could hardly wait to hear. "Because what happen couldn't have, well, what happen mother, please tell us. Ah stunning one, I don't think I can," , feeling the hot, silky dish water between her awaiting fingers, at brushing a tear with her shoulder, even another, considering the right words, beginning to say. "I was there, there? Yes, Aggie, there, in heaven, and," as to smile her most miraculous smile ever, lightening already stunning facial feature, eyes, I was there, in the midst of heaven, a party, a celebration, perhaps even the marriage supper. Soon you lovelies  one approached me, who? He was divine, a holy spirit, an Angel perhaps is all I could remember. As one soon masked over by grandiose wonderment most obvious, these incredible feats they always cast  her in, as though she was indeed one of them. "And, Mother, and? He said, He want to see you, and I said, who?  And He said, Him, and just as soon, this beyond amazing,, mind boggling thing, as to look upon this high mountain, from which an illumination like the sun itself appeared, which then spoke and said clearly, and you all I quote, "let my people go," did the room go silent, with them all contemplating this miraculous and what it all could mean. "Ah my God, like Moses right, I presume Heus, whose world defiance has no doubt my lovelies  mutated into the great whore John saw sit upon many waters, showing John, Nicholas the mystery of the great whore, soon allying the seven headed, crown beast, those waters so plenty upon which she sat, soon, they, meant, rule, where actually people, nations, and kingdoms, all except one, that stone cut out without hands Nicholas you saw released upon the earth, that would pound all her vastness onto the dust, whose fan, even replenishing flames are in Jesus' hand, meaning dad the end of all things rebellious man, that's dating back to the earliest of Kings, even Pharaohs.Let them go to the marriage supper if Christ right, all who will come at least, yes Aggie, all set free by spreading the truth of this dominating evil. So mom who was He, the one bringing you? It was the Christ, right mother, who else is worthy enough to bring you directly into God's presence, and you're not consumed by it but merciful Jesus, and His mercy safeguarding you? I Kars, haven't much considered it, but you my sweetheart just presented the most fantastic argument, even revelation. Now you all have a good, bless day, I think mother, we already have, good day Father as well, yes, to you Heus, all of you. He has such distain at me, I can feel it now so easily, then you Nicholas will sit him, Aggie down and get to its bottom, right? Of course, right, I better get to the firm, so much work piled up there, tell them all I said hello, yeah, tell all at Dissuasion the same. Yeah, well all they want to hear about I the spectacular time we just had in Colorado mountains, how did Tiffany managed to come from that, because my dearest we haven't yet ascended, hum, enduring a specialty kiss, this loveliest of wife, marriage, now I a mystery to solve, I love you babe, yes my love, always.

                And Thine Abominations Shall Be In The Midst Of Thee 
                                                     Scene VII

     "Should I Tiffany even asked why I shouldn't look forward to next year, to 2017, isn't going green suppose to increase our lifespan? All I know Nicholas is the end of this year and that to follow will be the worse for this nation ever, and day by day we will begin all the more to see it Whatever I saw, I saw come from beneath the earth, I witness it as it crystalized the heavens over, so much so the heavens cracked and broke apart into huge jagged edges, falling and crashing into earth, a catastrophe so enormous it set the nation back these 190 years, that's like 1811, 12, one year per pound of it's weight in blood guiltiness doing the intrepid judgment, 2001, for 190 months and there was nothing again left of it. So unless Americans are preparing for it's complete end, and those prophesying this for years sitting afar off on mountain stops like Jeremiah watching in horror. If they're not evacuating this nation entirely, are going to die by millions, all lives, lands, churches, all religion and politics is being target, explaining why I saw the entire country consumed by it. until nothing was left but a pale horse, Islamic reign that will in only 3 and a half fall to the antichrist, and his reign ending another 3 and a half years." I been saying it for years now, that the week of Daniel could follow Obama, its the only thing that made sense when I saw Christ millennium his, and become even greater house and beyond what the house has ever been, or would ever be again, this is why the nations are said to be angry all their nation building, even now bleeding into nuclear threats of war even King Nebuchadnezzar witness be brought to the dust, by the stone Nicholas cut out without hands falling from heaven, that you just saw come out of prediction, I also Tiffany that it had the surface of a meteor, I saw this, oh my god Nicholas, something additionally nearing us right now. I feel that we should be getting and more news of super volcanoes like Yellowstone, showing themselves more and more active. If that's true Tiffany would they even tell, us, I mean Russia, well Putin, just warn us about being  kept in the dark regarding war disasters hat could be targeting US soil, maybe that's what you saw, no, no Nicholas, I witness the earth open, and his rider this bringer of death just came right out it, that of everything it could be, is performing itself quite naturally, as a staggering master disaster, yeah but who would make war on her after that, the kind of people Nicholas who gambled over Christ garment, once he appeared defeated.  All I know is something natural as a super volcano and massive earths prior can't be blamed on one but God, the Revelations told us this would happen, and holy spirits are telling us, its happening right now.  Right now Nicholas, just listen to me, we're staying at a result in he mountains called Spring morning, that is extremely known for its various, gorgeously designed duck ponds, they setting up an intrepid exhibit that is to run until mid 2017, all of this Nicholas, without coincidence I remind you, are indicative of the beginning to the end of my prophecies, that begin a spring morning at a duck pond, who has it's finale, now thirty years therein at the end of an Intrepid Adventure by 2017. Ah my Christ, Tiffany when did you first realize all thing? Actually not until I heard mention, well the description of the intrepid exhibit, regarding adventures of a rain forest. Last night, I was captured for hours it seem into what would learn later, was this giant maze of a homeless, I don't know, fall out/bomb shelter. Next I know I'm standing in line, with the entire country, all awaiting their turn Nicholas behind a single water, cooler, can you even imagined a shortage of drinking water this massive, so when it became my turn, a woman bearing black bowls approached, like cut me off in line, stumbled, and I moved to help her, when Nicholas our conversation became even more strange, we began discussing better homeless shelters, when she then reached into her pocket, and brought forth a business card, not about better homes and gardens, but better homeless shelters, and that's all I remember, I guess I woke up, now that was worse than the slow motion exodus I saw the nation in, I guess you can say, yeah, they waited too long to escape.  You know Tiffany you don't have to convince me into exoduses of New Africa, I'm ready when you are, ah I know that, Heus has a dream lately that mean families, churches, and all organizations were all fragmented, and children end up in the care of strangers, whereas Kars, dream about all American staying on a plantation, when take us back to Moses, and God's people made or kept slaves, as in slaves to sin, explain Elohim calling on their release, she also so us all evacuate into a closed Mexican border, didn't you see something similar, yeah, hordes and hordes of family, friends and strangers, being guided south, that was closed off to them, as so did Aggie have further dreams of Dunlap street, this instead of President Obama, and another about Lady Obama, this one was about his cousin Miya, being retrieved by us as this escort as she walked down Dunlap street. I did see in an article here, about a Mayan Shmita of 2016, what, you saw that? I don't know, I didn't actually read it, but you bet it made Aggie's dream all the more important.

and ye shall know that I am the Lord.

Scene VIII

     I will add a new scene or two daily, these book characters, Heus Agurus and friends and their divine mission to exodus to a Newly Build for them Africa, something Col. Qaddafi lately showed us was entirely possible. These marriage, (Jesus, Genesis), worshipers, that's as portrayed in the movie 2012, by Mega ships on and under, water, By the special designed (ARKS),, were all first introduced along the late eighties and when made possible soon shared like here on the internet, then, AOL believer's board...also see these,

     That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Christ is among you, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, let no man deceive you, Apb, The RAM,