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Nesting Braveheart Begot The Septennial

Day Forty-nine 10/07 of the "week," prophecy, 08/18, a week prior to the last Syrian Truce, 08/25, a countdown to resurrection and Daniel's Week, 2001-2017, see Dan. 9, see also
Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                      

     Je suis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, blessed are those that mourn for they shall be comforted, JCON; “you will hurt, you will bleed, but soon you will be in paradise with Jesus,” instead of killing the world to maintain a crumbling to dust American Dream, parents in restricted counties, teach their children how to instead die for Jesus, the only good death unto immortal life, to reign with Jesus Christ, see people, fellowship of the martyrs, Apb,  

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Remember these Forewarnings? Apb. The RAM

The Rapture, End-Times in the Links Prophecy

      Seen to be taken off to heaven, seen to be seeing he taking me was God manifested in Flesh, seen to hand off to the prophet Ezekiel, spring of 1986/1993, 
     There’s something about the Rapture, some by grace, others by the wine press of God 06/12/2003
     Seen to be in the heavens, seen to be seeing a dress rehearsal for the Rapture of the church 01/06/2004
     Seen to be in heaven, seen to be seeing a trial run for the rapture of the church, the rapture of the church mightily on the map 01/08/2004
     Seen to be in the heavens, seen to be seeing a trial run for the second coming of Jesus Christ to the battle of Armageddon 01/08/2004
     Seen to be seeing a key, the bottomless pit and Satan being placed into prison, Satan one thousand year imprisonment on the map 01/14/2004
     Seen to be seeing, visited upon by the archangel Gabriel, he seen to be declaring “The Fulfillment Of All Things Is Upon Us" Gabriel also declaring: “She’s going or coming with the seventh Angel" the seventh angel on the map 05/15/2004
     Seen to seeing a cloud fat and bursting through with the first resurrection saints shooting into the heavens like rockets at meeting the Lord Christ in the heavens 02/14/2004
      As so was I reassured by what could only be described as text like messages from heaven, all saying and again I quote "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way,” if you also read this behind a Darius, he is my youngest son, and at times I witness through him.  Take note here, Holy Spirits forewarn, not only that Jesus is coming,  Jesus been coming as promised for thousands of years, though now, Jesus and those of the Heavenly Host assisting Him are in flight,  “that’s on His, Their way to snatch us out. O happy Day For All Eternity!


You Just entered the Septennial…2001-2017

The Septennial 2012,

And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast:

    Unto Dayson Peak Deburk and Robin Jaybird Longknife was born their first son Arise Sioux Noel Deburk, their second son Standing Apache Arrow Deburk, their third son Cheyenne Water Falls Deburk, their fourth son Marked Tree Hill Deburk, their fifth son Wounded Knee, Saber Tooth Deburk, their sixth son Lion Wolf Paw Deburk, their seventh son Medicine Bow Sign Deburk, and their last son Bronze Coten Field Deburk and a daughter Falcon Wings, Nesting Brave Heart Longknife     

Unto Beethoven Fifth Arts and Falcon Wings, Nesting Braveheart Longknife was born, see more here...

     "But Lorna husband said she said the rejection toward Him, Jesus was brutal, like beyond hatred, that it was more demonic and very threatening and these Falcon were church people. So Morgan were the ones who drove the nails through Him, remember what Christ said to Governor Pilate? How those who delivered him to Pilate had committed the greatest offense, those who delivered him were the very religion lifted up in beyond this world churches, praises and sacrifices of the wicked, it's the Catholic's Pope right now, commanding that people are not corrected regarding their sexual immorality; meaning you guys mass assembly is no longer about getting people to their One Righteousness, if it ever was, which is Christ Jesus, awake, awake to this wickedness! Every time even an ounce of spiritual truth is spilled into it, into the light that is dark, it is being revealed for the covert evil it actually is. While millions of God's anointed, even those right now have been slaughtered since Cain slew Abel because of it. Wow Falcon, you're right, he is, BFA Files, but how can you love God and hate the truth, how can you love Jesus and hate the truth, how can you assemble under it's banner of righteousness and again hate it? You can't, men take too much pleasure in evil, meaning it's all a falsity, just as Jesus announced it all as being where Satan, I'm thinking gladly, proudly, placed His Seat, bruising as prophesied, Jesus' heel. The unrighteous cannot sit, ah, be made comfortable in the assembly of the righteous, the Holy Anointing forbids it, thus they've created their own. In other words, sitting in the midst of Holy Spirits, is like sitting in the working of a piercing, two egde sword, being wield, even wedged throughout it's Temple by It's Almighty, none but the repentant as of Christ's Cross you guys will endure it, none. I mean my mom, well, I'm you guys, wait, wait, I have a, I hear Brave, Morgan here, a life long friend call you Falcon, why is that? That's her name, you didn't know that? No, I'm her husband now and no I didn't know that, yes, her name is Falcon Braveheart, and I didn't  know you guys were actually married. You didn't know that? Well welcome Morg to the things unknown about, now let me get this right, about Falcon Braveheart, ah to be sincere darling, husband, it's Falcon Wings, Nesting Braveheart, ...yes, yes, and I believe that is grounds for divorce, what? Yes, apparently I married you under false pretense, supposed I didn't want to marry a girl named wings of a Falcon, ah Nesting some place," as one made tickled, as they all were laughing, a table of about five of them, the new generation of the Septennial Juttah, of Christ's soon to be reigning Millennium. "Apparently that is not what I said, ah, did I, the husband, get your birth name all wrong, anything else I should know? Only that it's time to go, it was nice meeting you Morg man," happily giving his hand, along bringing him a pat to his shoulder of reassurance, the generosity of Beethoven Fifth Artz. "It was really nice, BFA meeting you too, so yes on the Brides maid? Yes, I'm sorry, yes, tell your intended, Beth, I, that I would be glad to be, ah, that, I will, thanks. Ah, BFA, you was saying something about the mother, ah, yours, yes, ah no not mine, but a friend, ah, Heus, actually Maaseiah, she, ah, hum, come to think of it. It was right before his dad took ill, even died a few times, died a few times, what like a Lazarus? Ah, he, well Satan used him, her husband to threaten her, about unveiling the truth, how so many are offended it could be a danger to her. Ah said she described as it was a literal army of Angels which abruptly engulf and enveloped her inside and out, at announcing themselves I guess this guard all about her, and as my lovely wife's did note, you all, I must go! So that's Falcon Braveheart, she is stunning as you say, yeah, and BFA files, alive in the flesh, yeah, the anointed spirit just pouring up and out of Him. It is said, Jesus is the Light, as so are His Anointed and Shawn you can really see that in him. You Morg can also see she is definitely your one that got away, are you brother telling me I'm that obvious, did you know, that he didn't know her name? Well," as one coming up this leave, as the rest of them did, the day was yet young, with most of their classes, chores done, now on for fun. "Let's just say I know Brave, and thus I knew chances were she'd not told him, now Shawn," as a conniving one, laying a hand of mischief on his shoulder, as well demanding the other's attention. "Just imagine being married to a woman like that," as one keeping curious eyes affixed to them until the last, this was the Juttah, and Morgan Jason Fairably had to keep his heart accordingly, surely Falcon Wings, Nesting Braveheart now allied to a beyond perfect spouse, was indeed the one yet getting away from him. "Ah that's easy Morg, as I'm to imagine being married at all, show you right, Shawn man, show you right." Beware, Apb, The RAM, see also,

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