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Lion Wolf, Wounded Knee

Your Trial or Error,

     Day Sixty-six 10/24of the "week," prophecy, 08/18, a week prior to the last Syrian Truce, 08/25, a countdown to resurrection and Daniel's Week, 2001-2017, see Dan. 9, see also

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

     Je suis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, blessed are those that mourn for they shall be comforted, JCON; “you will hurt, you will bleed, but soon you will be in paradise with Jesus,” instead of killing the world to maintain a crumbling to dust American Dream, parents in restricted counties, teach their children how to instead die for Jesus, the only good death unto immortal life, to reign with Jesus Christ, see people, fellowship of the martyrs, Apb,

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Remember these Forewarnings? Apb. The RAM

The Rapture, End-Times in the Links Prophecy

     -Seen to be taken off to heaven, seen to be seeing he taking me was God manifested in Flesh, seen to hand off to the prophet Ezekiel, spring of 1986/1993,
     -There’s something about the Rapture, some by grace, others by the wine press of God 06/12/2003
Seen to be in the heavens, seen to be seeing a dress rehearsal for the Rapture of the church 01/06/2004
     -Seen to be in heaven, seen to be seeing a trial run for the rapture of the church, the rapture of the church mightily on the map 01/08/2004
Seen to be in the heavens, seen to be seeing a trial run for the second coming of Jesus Christ to the battle of Armageddon 01/08/2004
     -Seen to be seeing a key, the bottomless pit and Satan being placed into prison, Satan one thousand year imprisonment on the map 01/14/2004
Seen to be seeing, visited upon by the archangel Gabriel, he seen to be declaring “The Fulfillment Of
     -All Things Is Upon Us" Gabriel also declaring: “She’s going or coming with the seventh Angel" the seventh angel on the map 05/15/2004
Seen to seeing a cloud fat and bursting through with the first resurrection saints shooting into the heavens like rockets at meeting the Lord Christ in the heavens 02/14/2004
     -As so was I reassured by what could only be described as text like messages from heaven, all saying and again I quote "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way,” if you also read this behind a Darius, he is my youngest son, and at times I witness through him. Take note here, Holy Spirits forewarn, not only that Jesus is coming, Jesus been coming as promised for thousands of years, though now, Jesus and those of the Heavenly Host assisting Him are in flight, “that’s on His, Their way to snatch us out. O happy Day For All Eternity!


You Just entered the Septennial…2001-2017

The Septennial 2012,

And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast:

And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast:

    Unto Dayson Peak Deburk and Robin Jaybird Longknife was born their first son Arise Sioux Noel Deburk, their second son Standing Apache Arrow Deburk, their third son Cheyenne Water Falls Deburk, their fourth son Marked Tree Hill Deburk, their fifth son Wounded Knee, Saber Tooth Deburk, their sixth son Lion Wolf Paw Deburk, their seventh son Medicine Bow Sign Deburk, and their last son Bronze Coten Field Deburk and a daughter Falcon Wings, Nesting Brave Heart Longknife     

      "No, that mean you heard right, its ridiculous, you can't get mad at people for being like Jesus, it's impossible without divine intervention, and divine intervention is not an enforcer. you become, or holy ones anoint you into a type of Jesus, and that's only by a persons choice. So, the more that persons resign to the Holy Spirit, heart, mind, soul, even blood, especially the blood, you can't be born again unless Holy Spirits get your heart. Your blood, it's not gonna happen, until then, you're only a this type of him, quite pitiful, like the religious leaders of Jesus day who were ritualistic to along such defragmenting qualities they sabotaged their own God Messiah. You search the scripture, for in them you think you find life, but you won't come to me that you might have life, for who don't know, I am Mr. Deburk, Wounded Knee, Saber Tooth, your spiritual leader this semester. "Tell me he's kidding, no, he's not, now be quiet, so you're telling, all of his family have traditional names is what I'm telling you, now listen! Which class is possibly another reason Jesus sees himself outside mass assembly, this bruising of His Heel, of those supposedly after him, seeking, asking, knocking, crying of Satan's Seat. You search the Holy Spirits, Jesus would now say, the pulpits and the scriptures for they are those which testify of me, but you won't come to me, as in surrender everything and everybody you think, and instead get to me, to Him, this one authentic potentate.  The truth is Mr. Nicholas, Mr. Nicholas is our newest against his will participant,  everyone please give him a hand clap of welcome, such a stunning looking, even sounding person, Clayden thought, but no less a Jesus freak. "All mankind make choices regardless but equally according to how they're raise or persuaded from birth, which is why Jesus forewarn all gone before us were thieves and robbers. I used to get on my mom, excuse Mr. Deburk, this young lady here says that is really your name, that Saber Tooth stuff. Tell me, well us Mr. Nicholas, how old were you when you learn your name? Ah," visibly increased with intimidation, this intense swallow, as all attention turn on him, was it visibly he'd passed into wondering, "ah two,  I guess, I begin to learn and know my name, and what part did you have in that, and what were your rejections? I had none? Your Name? Ah, my name is Clayden Mikel Nicholas Simpson, and like you having no say, nor objection, my name, Clayden Mikel Nicholas Simpson, this equal mouth full, Wounded Knee, Saber Tooth, Saber for short. As I was saying, I used to get on my mom teaching the more she matured into Christ, putting away childish thing, the more she turn especially from a life of violence. I argue her down it wasn't going to work when it come to rasing children, you know what she told me? Then I'm saying Jesus is a liar, because he taught us violence, begats violence, then I ask how else are you to discipline your children? Mother was like, wait right there, I'll show you, and she raced back into the conversation with a bible in her hand, and said, this! The unrighteous parent and guardian real nighmare scenario because you can' just toss it at them, you have to live it first, you have to practice every bit of what you teach, this is why Jesus said about a soon to be converted Saul of Tarsus, I will show him what great things he must suffer. I'm telling attempts to achieve the American Dream causes us to forfeit this divine reality than anything else, she said, hence more mankind's enemy than friend, more God's nemesis than ally. Clearly you have to live that of what you preach, you have to be born again or you're going to cause more harm, more death and dying, then she said, raising that bible in the air, this, this is the rod, God's people perish because this it is not rooted and grounded in their hearts, their minds, their blood, so teaching people they can be, do whatever is the opposite of God's Righteousness purposing to shape us all into Jesus Christ, making America instead, the spoilage. You see these warp lifestyles is the primary reason Jesus threatens the unrepentant children with death, and why every minute of the day, now, finally bringing us closer and closer to resurrection, hell instead enlarges itself.  Excuse me, teacher, isn't every child already threaten with death, as all of us, yeah, but God's Grace prevents it in many ways, and Jesus is saying no more, meaning a great deluge claiming especially western children is come. Despite parental guidance, all mankind will vent themselves spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, sexually and even monetarily according to God by Jesus or Satan, by Satan's Seat. Ah, instructor Deburk, so when someone receive a word, a voice crying, kill all parents by a certain date, ah, you don't remember the date, what could that mean? Well God is the same, remember when He threaten and killed off all the first born males of Egypt, because the Hebrew where protected by lamb's blood, they were spared, so first of all reference here is being made toward rebellious parents, as righteous parents are protected by the fulfillment of this Lamb's Blood, Jesus Christ, so Clayden, that is not, Apple, everyone just call me Apple, ok, Apple, no it's actually further poof of God's character toward unrepentance, than anything, great trials are come, Jesus is the salvation ark.  So continuing it is because of Jesus everyman is without excuse, everyman is either made a liar or a saint of God Himself, that's by the woman's womb, again Jesus, putting on flesh and dwelling among us, tempted at all points as we are, let me say that again, tempted at all points as we are, but without sin, meaning being a human being of flesh and blood, he was able to make sin or sainthood a choice, and according to the woman caught in adultry, the man having a sickbed nearly forty years, even the Samaritian woman at Jacob's well, o which Jesus instructed all to go and sin no more again, mean living a life of sin, like obedience it can't be forced but is by choice. So people, children, they need to pray more, God, ah by Jesus Christ, He is not going to hear you anyother way, that little thing pastors don't tell you, this is why sripture says, the prayers of the righteous availeth much, not just prayers, a broken for him heart, a broken for him and contrite spirit, your prayers shoot straight to Him. It's the same with worship and praise, if it's not in spirit and truth, you're waisting not God, but your and all those around you celebrating you, time, God just never paid you any attention, he's not mocked remember?  So you can say a small percenage of worship and praise reaches unto God's Kingdom, the blessed heart, divine  intervention thereof, all of which is possibly why Paul is crying, begging. pleading that we surrender ourselves, our bodies, that proposed future temple of God as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God, again it's meaning Christ's Cross alone, as your reasonable service, and be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, meaning to take on, have and function with the mentality that is Christ Jesus.      >>>How do you listen to this crap all day? As one talking under his breath, seeing the lecture is nearly over, thinking, celebrating, O happy day. "It's not all day, only a few hours a day, and most of us find it a blessing Apple, as you say, to have God's righteousness totally unveiled to us, no more indecision, only belief that is allowed, and unbelief that is also allowed. What? As to see the made at odds look on his face, how it was like this all around this place, the youngest, brightiest and most stunning of young people carrying themselves as biblical lecturers themselves. Do yall Apple really think because you guys dress up one day a week, go ino a building call your worship and praise, this learning of him, but your hearts are no where near him, thinking he don't see the evil you do, truly who has betwched you into thinking God is some damn, fool,? WHO!  This is why you can't become like Jesus until you hate yourself, until you as holy spirit say, pound self ino the dust whose fan Apple is Jesus' hand. Ha, this is why you have so many living by religion, they love not God to death, I know people are mean and they are cruel and when they come to church they just pretend to be something other, to be like Jesus, and most just have to believe them. Then Apple you know this country isn't falling apart because we're using too little cruelty and violnce to lead our chilcren, but because we're reaping insurmountable crimes against the flesh and blood, overcome by Christ' Cross. Now to sum this all up, as one having written on the black board, their nightly assignment, this entire time, a question, what is God's present Shield and Buckler? Now you may ask of yesterday's question, how can the weeping god behind a silence in heaven accused all leadership of stripping His People of everything Jesus, anyone, anyone? Because all leadership over God's people should all have one primary purpose, and that is to lead all human hearts to Jesus Christ, only if he be lifted up, remember? His spirit, heart, blood, this blessed temple of God, least the more in hell they perish. This is why Paul, and Maaseiah witness, all but the foundation laid of Christ and His Holy Apostles, burn, whose smoke rose up to God weeping and mourning, whereas the Holy Creator, father, has heard their cries, judged their slayers accordingly, beginning with westernized civilization. I know you hear some people, leaders talking you have to take baby steps, when Jesus told people from the beginning, to what? Repent of sins or  perish, meaning you guys He wasn't afraid of hurting anyone's feeling that could cause them to wake up in hell. Just this one other thing, my angry at the world daughter was screaming at her grand mother how she hate her family, when grandmar Rumah told her, that's the problem, until you hate yourself, you'll never be like Jesus regardless of even 24/7 church attendance. That's crazy, she screamed back, how you gonna hate yourself? Remember the religious leader Nicodemus asking Jesus, how can a man born, be born again? Remember the Apostle Paul, once Saul of Tarsus and the most revered persecutor of the early church, now stating, "I am crucified with Christ," then he says, yet not I, meaning not as yet a physical death, but Christ lives in me, (a contrite, humble spirit, mortifying the heart of flesh), and the life, (and the ministry, the out reach), I now live, I live by the faith, (grace and truth), of the Son of God who loved me (God hath commended His Love toward Us), and gave Himself for me, (born again, unlikely to sin). There's only one way to become like Jesus, Granny told her, selfdom must perish, soon there was nothing left here to be said, this is truth now there's only one of two actions, acceptance or rejection. So until you hate as in set aside everything that prevents you of Him, of Jesus, don't you see? Now we know the identity not of the multi-ton elephant in the room, but this seeming precious, precious baby, I, well all of mankind was, is so fearlessly caring after just as Holy Spirits shockingly remind us is supposed to be dead. It's, well this baby is everything and everybody preventing us from maturing into Jesus Christ, only then nd according to Ephesian 4, are we the men and woman, the husband and wives, the sons and daughters, the Heavenly Bridegroom and Bride, unto it's Wedding Supper, Heavenly Father by the sacrifice of His Only begotten Son want us to be. Saying this, I don't know about the class, but immediately I thought about how distraught father Abraham was at the sacrifice of his son, Isaac, as he prepared him a burnt offering to God, as so was God beyond broken hearted, at the sacrifice of His Own, but because of His Love for God, Father Abraham was going on to sacrifice this specialty son, until God offered him one all the better, though God, loving us so much," as one a made sadden at witnessing how meticulously Clayden Mickel brushed away the slightest of sentiment, possibly even finding himself sorrow for what he'd done to Desrek Allum. "Though Elohim, knowing, there was no other way to teach us except by example He went on to sacrifice His Son, now our Jesus, the last. final one, as a Lamb lead to the slaughter, relieving our blood guiltiness by bleeding righteous blood for us, now this is how all righteous blood of God's Anointed is counted, by which we hear the saints under the throne, calling on Elohim to be the avenger of their martyred blood. Again, class and least you forget, it is impossible for man to reap something other than what they sow, impossible, Satan's Seat or Holy Spirit, this truth is where you see Jesus and the Religious leaders in a standoff about which is the greatest Temple of God, and Jesus says, destroy God, meaning it surely wasn't there's and in three days, again young people, it is impossible, to reap an opposing harvest, ...good day ladies and Gents, until tomorrow, well, will you Sia be here tomorrow or another? I don't know, Sia Morrisom, it's a mystery for now.  My I, I'm sorry, my name, well you heard, and you, I am Beverly Hills, Hills for short," as one standing into swinging a healthy back pack onto her shoulder, getting out as so the others, all with her party soon rushing her, it was lunch time and then off to the gymnastics, "and referring to the questionable look on your face no, I'm not kidding, my last name is Califonya, so my mom and dad, no say or protest named me Beverly Hills Californya, and no silly jokes right? I swear, left hand raised and all, wouldn't, didn't even consider it. Look don't worry about all of this, all of us felt the same when we first came, most are married and enterd safetly into the African Juttah, ah, an African what? Ah, you'll see, I have to go as you can see, ah sit with me, at lunch I mean, the new guy and all, I can't, ahhhh, probably see you in Gymnastic though, ok, see you then."     

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