Tuesday, January 31, 2017

And The Merchants Were Heard No More At All In Thee

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

-God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and eighteen, 12/16 of the "week," prophecy 08/18, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25, the countdown to resurrection (ain't no sunshine when she's (The Righteous Bride, even the Church Bride that was America), gone, see here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIdIqbv7SPo, Apb) and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also, www.deaththeillusion2016.blogspot.com

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

-Like Watching Noah's Ark, a voice, "Mark 17 and 7," 2003, like the days of Noah, Mat. 24, Jesus, and there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, my prayer closet, 1993, "my people are being stripped," GOH, Apb

Prophecy Link, The Outbreak Of Mortuary

     Hark, I hear a voice, "2004, God said, He, possibly His Wine Press, or your little horn, or both, "will kill millions," see the rider of death, pale horse, 1996, 2001-2017
   Hark, there's a voice, 2005, "the Antichrist will kill millions, as millions, go broke," see having a bear in 120 countries, 2016                        
   Hark, a voice, 2016, "Kill All Parents, by, (we can only assume the target here is corrupt parents, influencing their evil ways upon their offspring threatening for generations to come, alike abominations, children obey your parents "IN THE LORD)."

Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone, Only Darkness Everyday

     "Yeah Sears failing, as so many others, yes Sole, I can yet hear God crying behind the silence in heaven, behold I will strip their leaders, and leave them as in the day of their birth, so this too May is a fulfillment, you saw commerce fall as surely as banks and everything else. To me you, saying that about such an Iconic industry is like saying that about the Country America, that it Nears It's End, of course when such is the headline, there will be dancing in the streets of Gold, with such chanting as, the kingdoms of men have become the kingdoms of God and his Christ and they shall reign forever. I admit the fall of Westernize civilization, one of Satan's greatest sword against mankind since original sin, will be as celebrated as the permanent fall of Babylon, and the twenty elders Desrek cast down their crowns in celebration. Yeah I was explaining to the kids lately, how just as anxious the righteous is to ascend to heaven, heavens host are just as anxious to descend to earth, God's Kingdom reign, that they actually told me this, then I remind them, heavens host has been heaven bound al their existence, only this visitor, and human kind, the earth, only visiting heaven, so we're both anxious for a change in venture so to speak, looking at me oddly I explain, they've show and interact with me, even us such phenomenon things to reassure us heaven is a real place, all about God's business of HIs Will being fulfilled. When you May say they too you, you mean when you was there and they told you how they couldn't wait to be on earth assuredly as yourself? Intimidated me Desrek in ways, there was no way I was going to tell anyone that, no way, I don't, you was in heaven where angel discussed evenly abiding on the earth with us, yes Hain, a new glorified us, a new heaven and earth, Jesus' Millennium to God's reigning Kingdom, this is what God's visitation with man, and overseeing world affair from the mystery of that forbidden tree, the woman seed, of godliness and now the fall of mystery America/Babylon, causing the most harm, being so successful a being a light that is actually dark, menacing and damning hid in the shadow of indescribable for a million years mankind's disobedience, his, their first condemnation of the entire human populace sin. But don't be alarmed, Angels have always come, sat and visit with me, yeah, I knew always knew that, but I little understood it. I was always theirs and they were always mine, or ours, but they can't even won't inject themselves into our lives, without our permission, that's how knew how serious it was, when you realize May you was living a life, apart from God, yes, it horrified me, that he couldn't be near me, nor I him, as a life of sin prevented him, as a life of sin, you guys prevented us a divine relationship.  Well the end to the beginning of God's Kingdom the fifteen point ten year countdown since 2001, will as May said only months from now finally deliver the world scene this heartbreaking, yet magnanimous wake up call, and the great whore John saw sitting on many waters, those waters being kingdoms, nations and people, though most of earths inhabitants doesn't see how this is a celebration at all, as they suffer from what scientist call incarceration syndrome, yeah, it's why even while they were taken me off to heaven, I was sorely cast down in my spirit, the earth is yet the only home we know, the only reality. yeah, as lon as the Roman Empire, the British Empire is in biblical prophecy, America is the same, only disguise of a leopard skin cover, of a predatory lending of all kingdoms rising and falling. So like Desrek is saying, the more it crumbles, and here soon all of a sudden and millions of people who don't have to lose their souls, being so entirely forewarn, he grace here Hain is there are some finally come to terms with what they've known all alone but just couldn't admit, millions getting out of here, though many yet thinking being ousted out of America is a bad thing, when in reality, yet in disguised but a blessing, no less, yeah forgive Lord, help thou our unbelief. The whore of religion they call the free world, that holy scripture call mystery, that epidemic of wars all through the centuries hath her name Babylon, Satan's city as surely as Jerusalem is the city of God. Yeah because all their existence their unbelief into rebellion, into insurmountable trespass has left them abiding by a darken mirror, a clever than ever obscurity only taken away as one place all they treasure in Christ Jesus, all they treasure? "Yeah, yeah," seeming a solemn sigh along a toast and sip of her cup, were horrors happening all round, up, down, between even inside, and out and being so prudent against righteousness millions, even billions couldn't see it only to achieve the America dream even as it waste away to dust betwixt heir grievous fingers, and breaking-heartedly, millions were suffering unnecessarily. "And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more, the holy spirit called them whimsical creations, as one sweeping her dampen cheeks, even as she'd that day of such the reveal seeming so long ago, that they wouldn't be able to give them away, I sat there horrified at them, a man treasures is his heart, and I mourn the holy spirit then asked, what, don't they deserve it, in other words, shouldn't they reap this insurmountable blood toll, Americans little knowing or caring at this point, every scent they spent had somebody blood on it, it wasn't only that they'd learn by a code of blood diamonds, but blood merchandise period, without shedding of blood, gfreat nations like America would, could never exist nor replenish, whimsical, does that mean laughable, as in I will laugh when your fear cometh?
Yeah May, you witness it all come completely worthless and you guys here lately, I saw the word treasure, all black and blasted and it just before that Tennessee fire and his really creepy warning, as though there is no escape, a voice lamenting, :yours is a nuclear fate. Whatever happen instantly it was all set back to the western days, I mean blink and you would've missed it, like all of sudden this black out, and with that September to October finale, were talking only months from now, and I'm afraid, millions here, in the US of A were dead. I, did you know doing Babylon's fall it is said three not once how her complete deletion will come in an hour, so that's what you think, no Desrek, it's what revelation is saying, what saw happen was to drive along this wilderness, now this beyond innovations of technologies one moment and the next moment like I say blink, and there is nothing left but a weigh station, a judgement and sentence and what was before, this intrepid adventure, was over, hundreds of years over, into looking at what could only be a pale horse judgement, with all like following, pending and that's may what you meant by  you've seen this end in very scenario, yes Sole, I guess, you, Kassle, you are always so quiet, your sister Kiefer as well, do you guys  know what's happening and why, of have you been possessed into the normalcy bias? That's May an extinction level event, and it is prophesied all through prophetic scripture, especially the 6th seal of revelation, which most believe is a super volcano, and I read yesterday when you asked what could cause such a sudden overall end of a nation of 300 millions people? Then you encouraged people to keep their stores stocked, and I should have said their packs, running shoes ready. I went to where you Hain were just qupting, ah, revelation 18, the fall of mystery America I saw, the complete fall of Babylon is later did you also realize May you predicted the rise of those two beast you saw was the fulfillment of  Rev. 17:8, as of Obama's now expired administration and what President Trump is facing now is Rev. 17:16, being fulfilled, and I was being given revelation as I said it, but if you think about if the next seven years are Daniel's prophecies fulfilled then we've entered into the most volatile of end time scripture and God's people, you know what I want to do, tell every church to make itself more a house and prayer and homeless shelter, those days are no longer coming, nearly two decades ago, 1998 we were warn of this darkness coming, it's here, and until Jesus Himself sat his feet on top Olivet it will have no earthbound match, with the exception of God's Wine Press pouring out of itself.
The great whore as described to John so demonstrates what western civilization has been all these thousands of years, the bucket of temporal water, even Jacob's Well, only to have thirst beyond a ruin, verses the spring of living water only Jesus can offer, that is a well gushing up and out of us into immortal life, and I shall send them strong, yeah Andre the see, hear, speak, admit no evil cursed, and that's even though their children, and churches, their streets, are sorely inundated with such ceaseless,  undeniable peril, . America no different than any worship of the world, of gain more so than godliness, and admittedly they know this, like it's devious Father, it hath come, or exist for to steal, kill and destroy any human being rebelling Jesus Christ. Herein not since Moses lead the Hebrew out of such cruelty, unforeseen now is there an alike liberation of the world populace being held hostage by this mammoth whoring, bully, that desecrates not only into the greatest of abominations but damnation and hell. I tell you after the God crying his people are dying, the God declaring them an exodus, escape, the God setting a siege against an  entire earth of enemies, marking them for death here lately, calling on mostly parents to be targeted, here in revelation crying come out or die, as the ancient Egyptians, the Mayans foresaw we're not supposed to be here, meaning? We were never supposed to make this cursed to make of itself a chaotic mess, even the stars of heaven, it was never supposed to be our permanent home, we were never supposed to make ourselves so comfortable, so American, and there is the problem, we think by gaining America we gain this only worthy, but no, that is and always have been and l ways will be Jesus Christ, God's Will for the Godman, even before the foundation of the world.

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