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The Cut Out Stone, The Grand Maaseiah, The Millennium Reign

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

-God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and sixty-nine 02/04 of the "week," prophecy 08/18, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy

January 30, 2017


       And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring,  Starring:  Nicholas Edin Coogan, Tiffany Ann Saurus,  (Maaseiah Adonai), Amir Adam Coogan, Agurus Shiban Coogan, Megan Kiera Welton, Ashton Heus Coogan, Gabriel Rayan Coogan, Felicity Elaine Stuard.

                              The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy 2016
                                You Have Entered The Juttah Septennial

      -Unto Rudolph James Saurus  and Thadius Consuela Leathercoat was born their daughter Maaseiah Adonai Saurus, and twin sons, Ivar Icus Saurus and Agurus Ivar Saurus                                     -Unto Anthony Abraham Coogan and Cossie Ann Matheson was born their first son Bradford Ean Coogan, their second son Syefan Erin Coogan and a third son, Nicholas Edin Coogan
     -Unto Tiffany and Nicholas Edin Coogan, was born their twin sons Agurus Heus Coogan and Heus Agurus Coogan, and a daughter born unto them one year later, B. Karsiann Coogan.         -Unto Agurus Heus Coogan and Chelsea Shiban Welton was born their first son, Amir Adam Coogan, an additional son, Agurus Shiban Coogan, and a daughter Megan Kiera Welton                           
      -Unto Heus Agurus Coogan and Aslan Myreh Stuard was born their first son Ashton Heus Coogan, their second son, Gabriel Rayan Coogan and a daughter Felicity Elaine Stuard
     -These are the descendant of the beauty of love, through which its beast couldn't prevent, look for them in the most romantic, prophetic, poetic and spiritually anticipated future of mankind, Beast of Beauty Fea. the Septennial Juttah, you've just entered the African Juttah 2016...wr. 1992-2016, 2017, Apb                         

Will Thou At This Time Destroy The Entire House Of Israel? Ezekiel, 9th Chapter

     "America's judgment did come in one day, the September 11th attacks, it's was then stalled as it went into further prediction and basically forgotten. The night of December 25th, of that same year, that for 190 months more, again this judgement. So for the remainder of Bush wars, into a now 2003 pending Hussein Obama administration; if not Saddam, why not Hussein? Clearly as described, one error/era into a new fear-factor, a person of Islamic lineage. Probably a retaliation to Bush's combative response to Islam; what they despised the most, now had the highest rank on the planet, the US presidency. What was there to fear? We know this 190 lbs., sum calculated into months was accurate, you see all other end time prophecy given, was just as accurate. Especially the Angel Gabriel. His appearing, exactly twelve years ago, reminding fulfillment had come, 12 as we all know is a significant biblical number, or sum. Though was so this awakening, 2015, showing the religious world now turning it's attention to the great gathering of saints. While on the other hand the political world was being overshadowed by news of Britain's Cameron. Not only as his military strategy brought Russia's Putin to further ally Syria's Assad, just as soon is come this breaking into various ceasefires right along this one in particular. This one made in Geneva Switzerland, as its collaborators reported a wait which took one hour, (member nation will fall under the beast spell after one hour with this beast, see Rev. 17;12). Here they were, that's the one nation, that was being highly accused of having a beast reigning in the White house of America. How could I argue? I'd heard territory spirits in discussions about Geneva, commanding, "don't touch Geneva!" While world nations were tumbling as of biblical prophecy. In likeness, I'd seen the rise of what I learn later were the two beast of Revelation 13. One from land, one from sea, just as Senator Hussein Obama campaigned his two weeks and seven year administration. Now as in the dream, again of us being captured away, only this time, given a departure date of September 25, and this warning, how it was all about Cameron. I just didn't realize, this was the year, the time table given Obama was only weeks away from it's finale. Whereas Cameron's Britain would vote to leave the EU and blanket the world over with it's now highly publicized and criticized Brexit, a solemn look at the West end. The year 2015 Grand Maaseiah is known for other of your greatest of revelations. You not only witness the Beast, Antichrist in great prowess and unstoppable, you as well actually witness the Bride reigning in heaven. Yes sweet Megan, I was wondering where you were, why you three wasn't together. I heard you are as well married, and with child, yes, yes sweet mamma I am, and this, this is my husband Colten, he's a Hymm, yes, I think I can see that, how very handsome. I also brought Ashton, Gabriel and Felicity, so all your grands are here. Then, O happy day as Holy Spirits, Meggie would say, it's been a long time, such a stunning loveliness all of you, all around. Ah yes, to answer your question strangely even now, she, the reigning Bride as you say. She was in possession of the stone cut out without hands. Apparently, visions of holy spirits. Of those taken to heaven, it's as though you are as well omniscient, no one has to tell you, you just know. I saw clearly what set this stone apart from all others, made without hands, and that it had the surface of a meteor. Just as so that when She released it, I heard a mighty voice claim, "this is the Antichrist murderer." In other words, this stone alone was it's single match for destruction, which was most of all unveiled to King of Kings Nebuchadnezzar, now destined to fire and brimstone. And did you grand Maaseiah, I'm Ashton by the way, Agurus first son, did you see, or were you allowed her identity or is that a secret? No secret Aggie, as Megan would say, though just as you sweet boy asked, the clock hit 17 and 7. An assigned figure I've now learn represents both an end of all things apostate, but just as well it begins this phenomena infinity that is Christ Jesus. It was me, this Bride I saw reigning in heaven was me. I was like contorted along a lackadaisical spirit I yet don't understand, just as I released it. I often wondered, when John saw the twenty-four elders, yeah grandmar, did he, even could he, like you, see himself? So by this time we'd been given more revelations concerning this now beyond imagined time table of 190 months. Where I'd by now seen the country lose like hundreds of years, of which I testified of this visible lost before I understood the 190 lbs figure also represented years. Only as is portrayed in one of my scripture dream of Ezekiel. 4, a subtraction, of which doing the dream was obvious, meaning a set back to 1811, 1812. As, well suddenly they, these spirits I guess, began leading my way, this towering beige, invested with fleas horse. The first of it's judgments, whereas off in the distant was a new world power visibly metastasizing. From where I could see, it was totally middle eastern, it was man's worse of nightmares actualizing since the fall to earth Satan Himself, the religion of Islam. Is that as well why you predicted a Hussein reign of all places Grand Maaseiah, the Whitehouse, yes, that and as it's prophesied rule these last days. Ah grand Maaseiah, in beige, don't you mean pale horse? Ah son Amir, when you first read this prophecy, you'll read beige horse. It wasn't until later I realize it was pale, still much later, before I realized it was the pale horse of revelation, or pestilence. Which would explain it being infested with fleas, this black death, which mean it is also pending this 2017 finale. This nearing calamity is why oddly I keep finding quarters in the oddest of places, it's vulgar reminder of the greatest scourge ever this world, where equally a quarter of this earth is facing a mighty judgment of hell to follow. Men have no power, godly nor ungodly, which is why Jesus always gave God, the Father this glory. President Trump back to the first of it's kind, even king, force and power here has always been the fulfillment of bible prophecy. Even before Jesus, prophesied was an emerging woman seed that would regardless of Satan's mightiest efforts throw off the weighty yoke of Adam and Eve's transgression. Yet crying aloud still these thousands of years, come, let us reason together, forget those things behind you, press toward the mark, of the prize, of the high calling of God, that is in Christ Jesus the Lord. So stunning Grand Maaseiah, yes, Jesus did tell them greater works shall ye do, I ascend to responsibilities in heaven. That's what the Christ of resurrection said to you that day, right, three times, come? Correct, and John testifies of hearing a voice like a trumpet saying "come, up here," what many scholars have deem the authentic rapture.  Just imagine all my children, she is now there, as of John's testimony, and the grandest ever of celebration is going on and on. Herein explaining the trial run, the dress rehearsal, all the categories of rapture, these thirty to thousands of years. Then here lately, the roll call being made of the names out of the book of life, if you can just imagine that. Only John most mesmerized is approached upon, spinning him instead this enormousness. Along what he can only describe is a silence in heaven, about the space of half an hour and there he's reminded his time is not yet. That he has many of nations, kingdoms and people upon which to prophesy, and she the Bride after him. They're both seeing and hearing this, again per a horrid silence brought about of a timeout doing these amazing ceremonies. Then it's as though a transportation, even a transfiguration happens and they'll before Moses' Mount Sinai. They're seeing even what he saw that day, an illumination like the sun which spoke. Now to the great whore of all apostate mass assembly world wide these many millennia "let my people go!" For only the truth and anointing of Holy Spirits will make them free, now taking on Jesus' easy yoke, bidden to the marriage supper. So seeing Jesus' Millennium follow Obama's meant, grand Maaseiah, ah, what just happen?" All of them, her grands now grown, married, with or carrying the next generation of Juttah, this stunning, seeming historic chamber of hers. "Its as though you went into a trance, which proves my sons and daughters, how speedily it's to happen. Ah the sweet discrepancy, John saw the church as the twenty-four elders, I instead saw it as the Righteous Bride, but they're one in the same. Now as I was saying, Jesus' Millennium following, Obama mean we have entered a time that has ushered all world events into the most prophesied, anticipated. As so researched predestination of men to resolving the affairs of mankind since the woman seed itself, Daniel's final week of years. Now once you, was it frustration, Grand Maaseiah, the toll God's long suffering has taken on all of us these thousands upon thousands of years, is that what you felt before releasing the specialty Stone of all stones? Perhaps Aggie that is a better description, so here as we realize this, I know you begin to wonder, how on earth, after all these thousands of years could it be now, how could it be us? Then I ask, my son and daughters, after all these thousands of years of prophecy, of Jesus' Cross, of God's promises seeming gone void, how can it not be us, how can it not be now? Now here was the Angel Gabriel, face to face with thine own Maaseiah, unveiling this very revelation, crying the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind and I yet didn't get it. Perhaps you can say the Bride, like America suffer's from a form of normalcy bias all it's own.  That with every decision, great men to small are all mightily than ever left with the decision whether they're for God's Kingdom reign over the Kingdoms of men, or whether they're against? While the book of Psalm, it's second chapter comprises this very question "why do the heathen foolishly rage against God? And herein what could only be the result, which would further explain something else Gabriel 2004 said. Once this mystery "she's coming with the seventh angel," having been off with Christ the last seven years. I was as to kneel, I was as one prostrated still as to kiss his more than worthy feet. Still, not realizing we'd arrived a beyond cataclysmic performance, the Mount of Olives, the most important battle of all times ever, or ever would again be. Israel for the final time wouldn't only be rescued out of the hands of her enemies, for the first this nation as an entire would realize who this rescuer is; it's own son of David, and always have been Jesus, this King of all kings, this Lord of all lords. "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder. And his name shall be called Wonderful," they all simultaneously, all around her begin to chant, highlighting her day all the more, "councilor, the Mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Yes, yes, kiss this son, all my children, lest he be angry and we perish from the way. You can yet hear him as he converse with the Samaritan woman, Jacobs' well, how is it the Jews know who it is they worship, for salvation is of the Jews. This blessed one whom it would seem not only since 2015, but possibly since He appeared in the heavens to me 1986, even since the war in heaven and Satan and His followers were cast down to the earth. That Jesus has been remaining closer than we ever could've imagined, it's the place, doing one of the demonstrations of escape where we rested a bit. Possibly after the Lamb's Marriage Supper, we stay here, until the final week of Daniel was finished and from this special place, the second heavens, even this outreach of intercessory, no activity on this earth, to ruin nor to revive was kept from us, we were now as Jesus, as Heavenly Father, we were now Heir. "Well," hearing clearly a dinner bell that startled all of them into an eerie now, "it would seem dinner is ready, I'm yet to believe you are all here with me, this mother's day of them all. Being together this way, we should pray as the prophet Daniel. that like a King Nebuchad-nezzar, all world leaders wake up from all these mad transgressions cursed upon them and serve the God of all gods, Amen, and amen. This time before now, I heard gramps say, her favorite kind of movies were Sci Fy and Romance, the two things man was good at playacting, thus so perfect for movies. I've never Megan been around any body or anything like that," sniffing and wiping meticiously to vent, were they all headed home for now. Even those nuptial to prenuptial dorms, the stunning shores of New Africa, "hey love, you alright? No, but I will be, if you're contemplating all the death and dying, just you Colt remember. Think about that huge, incalculable number John saw, yes, thanks for that, that really help, it's just the thing Colt, so we know our labor isn't in vain."  Why speak in parables, for they say the lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, awake, Apb, The RAM, see also

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